1st Place: $750 + gifts from our sponsors

    2nd Place: $400 + gifts from our sponsors

    3rd Place: $200 + gifts from our sponsors


    GOAL: Lose the highest % body fat in 6 weeks

    Contest runs September 10th - October 31st 2018



    3 Fit3D Body Scans (Value $150)

    Chance to WIN big!


    Goody Bag for First 50 Registrations:

    Packet of coupons from our sponsors ( Value $??)

    $50 off starter pack for Ideal Protein Foods


    1 LipoMelt session (Value $175)

    ENTRY FEE: $150

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  • What is Fit3D

    Technology that keeps you accountable & helps you reach your personal fitness goals!

    "When you feel like quitting....think about why you started."

  • Scan & Track

    A Custom body scan with a plan!

    We will use our Fit3D body scanner to get pre and post body fat percentages from our competitors in order to determine our winners!


    Fit 3D is amazingly accurate technology that tells you everything you need to know in order to optimize your lifestyle and plan for living your best life!


    Fit3D gives you access to your own login/portal so you can see & know exactly where you're at health wise so you can adjust and track your progress from anywhere





  • Registrations Due By September 9th, 2018

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